Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Energy Work & Energy Concepts

Energy work is the art and action of generating and using energy. This energy is what most would call the subtle energies: life energy, psionic energy, orgone energy, earth energy, etc.

Much of the information that can be found, online, these days would indicate that there is cross over and cross influence between electrical energy and that of the subtle energies. This isn't horribly surprising as our nervous system is an electro-chemical network, which generates a miniscule electromagnetic field, otherwise known as a bio-electric field.

When it comes to working with energy, you have the option of working with energy that you generate, or you can work with energy that exists and flows outside of yourself. You can either work with these energies discretely, or you can work with them in a fused manner. You can even take energy from outside sources into yourself... or choose to abstain from this, and only allow energies that are within you, inside of you, keeping all foreign energies outside of your body.

Examples of different types of energy workers, and the kinds of energies they typically work with(not-all-inclusive):
  • Wiccan/Magick - Earth, Elemental, and life energies. Occasionally calling upon higher orders of energy/entities.
  • Reiki / Touch Healing - Universal/Life energy, "God Energy".
  • Psion - Psionic/Aura energy and Life/Core energy.
These are very general overviews and if you take a look at any particular energy worker, you will find that people will not always be using just a specific kind of energy. Most people will employ more than one form of energy.

In the end, there is a great deal of flexibility in regards to what energies you can use and how you use this energy. However, there are different schools of thought, which believes that the taking in of non-life energy into your energetic self can be detrimental to your energetic work development. It will, gunk up your energy network, so to speak.

I believe that this is the case as well, but this is a free world, so each must decide how they will work with energy for themselves.

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