Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winged Power's Introduction To Psionic Combat Now Available In Libraries!

Now Available At Your Local Library!

WingedPower's Introduction 
to Psionic Combat (2nd Edition)So now, my book WingedPower's Introduction to Psionic Combat (2nd Edition), is available through your local library, provided your library supports book requests.
I've gotten numerous inquiries about an ebook version of the 2nd edition of my book and I've just not had the time to work out the kinks of an ebook publication.
However, working with the book distribution networks, the book is now available to those who want to read the book and share with their communities, a means by which to get the book stocked at your local library!

Information For The Book

You can pickup the information you will need, for the book, through Amazon, at WingedPower's Introduction to Psionic Combat (2nd Edition), or through WingedPower's store at lulu.com.

How to request the book at your local library!

First off, you will need the information from the book. Basically, things like publisher, author, title, isbn, and a place where the book can be acquired.
With information in hand, depending on your local library's policies and online presence, you can either request the book in person, by filling out a form, or by going online and filling out an online form.

If you do decide to go in person, you can print out either the Lulu.com page for the book, or you can print out this page for the information.

If you are filling out the book request form online, you will be looking for a heading on your local library page labelled, "Suggest A Book", "Book Request", or "Request A Book".

Enjoy and look forward to a new book I'm working hard on releasing for the 2009!

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