Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Winged Power's Introduction To Psionic Combat!

I have just revised and updated my book!

WingedPower's Introduction to Psionic Combat (2nd Edition)Currently being published through Lulu.com. This is my psionics combat guide, which is in second revision. Reformatted from the first revision and differs in the following manner:
  • Additional construct details as well as an addition special construct
  • Additional training exercises
  • Focus on combating different types of attacks
  • Changed book format from "6x9" to "Royale", which will also change the page color from "black text on cream pages" to "black text on white pages".
Take a look! E-book version and online store availability of the text via various bookstore channels for the 2nd revision will be slowly appearing, as it trickles through the system. :)

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