Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My POD 2nd Edition Book on Psionic Combat In My Hands!

Nothing Like A Physical Book In Your Hands

WingedPower's Introduction to Psionic Combat (2nd Edition)Well, after getting through some cleanup, editing, and most importantly, some waiting, I've gotten a copy of my book in my hands. Actually, it's the third copy of my book.
The first copy was the first edition, which weighed in at around 67 pages or so, and definitely feels lighter and thinner than the current edition, which sits at around 87 pages in the royal format.
The 2nd copy was also in the royal format, but had less content and the margins were just the normal 6x9 margins imported into the royal format, which is larger than 6x9, and thus it looked "off".

So... How Is It!?

The book, to put it simple, is a nice paperback. The 87 page count definitely feels solid in your hands. The slightly larger format doesn't really add much, but the fact that the paper is now printed on white stock, as opposed to the cream colored stock, lends itself to looking more shelf-worthy.
I've changed the back cover to white, to better support the barcode on the back. I've also updated the copyright page to include the same barcode as well as the ISBN number.
All in all, I like the latest version of the book, and barring directly useful information, any future updates will be placed into the next volumes, which will focus on specifics, dive deeper, and serve as in-depth texts on various subject matters, rather than mere introductions.

Where Can I Get It!?

The book is slowly making it's way through the various book index systems. Bowkers Books In Print is one of them.

I'm currently tracking the availability and presence of the book, or lack thereof, in the various online chains, like,, and Google Books. You can bet that once they make an appearance, there'll be another update!

What Can I Do To Locate The Book?

Well, locating the book, thankfully, is fairly easy. You can search for "wingedpower" in the title, text, or author of the book and it should return the book, if it is listed in the index.

Failing that, you can search via the ISBN-13 number: 9781435715936

At this moment, Amazon doesn't have it yet. Neither does Barnes and Noble, though their search engine is more clever about returning results. Google Books does not have it yet either, and my submission is currently still "processing".

At worst, it can take a couple of months, and since only a couple of weeks have passed, I'm probably being way too optimistic. :)

In either case, that's the update. More books on their way.

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